Alright, I said I would do it. My review of the ESQIDO Companion Lash Glue.

The specifications of the lash glue are as follows:

  • RELIABLE – Strong, all day hold lash glue.
  • GENTLE FORMULA – Latex-free & Formaldehyde-free, suitable even for sensitive eyes.
  • DRIES CLEAR & QUICK DRYING – Gets tacky in seconds, and dries invisible! No waiting around!
  • EASY TO APPLY – Wand applicator with precision brush tip – Apply the perfect amount every time.
  • FOR ALL LASHES – The best professional grade adhesive for mink or any strip false / fake eyelashes.

Now, my personal opinion is one that can be taken for what it’s worth. I do not claim to be a professional makeup guru but I do know what I like, especially after using other products to compare. The ESQIDO Companion Lash Glue is my favorite lash glue I have tried. I scoured through other reviews of this lash glue hearing nothing but amazing things about it. I ordered and was excited to try it for myself only to be blown away by the results of my usage. The first day, application was a breeze as I applied it in the technique described here. I stuck on my mink lashes from Dollar Lash Club and went about my day. I worked out and sweat like a pig. Yes, I will admit it, but hey, it just means I worked HARD right?! Next, I showered. Now normally I would remove my lashes prior to showering but for the sake of this test, I left them on. I cleaned my face in the shower with my scrubber, got out, dried my face with a towel and applied my moisturizer as normal. My lashes were as adhered to my eyelids as if I had not just put them through the wash cycle of a carwash. I was amazed but wanted to push the envelope a tad further and swim in them. I took a dip in my pool. Head underwater, dips and flips, I nearly forgot I was just in the pool to test this glue. After about an hour and a half of water time, my lashes were STILL on my face. The edge had slightly peeled away on the outer corner of one eye but still, with other lash glue, my lashes would not have made it past a sweat. That evening I decided to leave just my lashes on and went to bed. I am not always a gentle sleeper. I toss and turn, go from one pillow to the next, just all over. I woke up the next day and my lashes were still good as new and stuck like I cement them on. Yay! I just applied my makeup for the day and went on my way for the rest of day, my makeup by the end of it, slightly worn but my lashes, still looked perfect. I did use makeup remover and they gently peeled off and was easily cleaned and stored away for the next use but wow, my expectations were far from exceeded. I will definitely recommend this product 10000%.

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